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$699 / month and a $1,495 sign-up fee

Messenger Marketing Made Easy!

The Starter Plan provides access for you to acquire subscribers that you can message with Facebook Messenger.

This Bot is Great for:

  • Lead Generation – which become sales, that boost your bottom line
  • Pre-Sales Qualification – make sure you know which leads/customers to focus on
  • Product Sales – generate sales – right from your bot!
  • 24X7 Customer Service – improve customer loyalty, make self service and option for your customers
  • Frequently Asked Questions – why have a person answer the same questions over and over, you customers don’t want that either!


What Happens Next?

Right after you subscribe, we will send you a form to fill out that will get the process of building your bot started.  We’ll ask you for all the information we need, and guide you as necessary to make sure you’ve got the best bot possible.  We aim for a 5 business day turnaround, but that’s largely dependent on your responsiveness to our questions.



What Else Can You Do?

With this subscription, you can have us add on any of the following for you as well:

  • Broadcast – from $49
  • Message Series – custom based on duration of series
  • Customer Magnets – from $49
  • Connect with Email for Advanced Marketing Automation
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LInkedIn – Ad Creation and Management – custom
  • Take Payments via Stripe right from your bot – custom

Pricing is as follows:

The Growing Plan Monthly Pricing will automatically be adjusted the Crushing Plan when the number of active subscribers in your account exceeds 15000.

If you go over to the next tier at any time during the month you won’t be charged until the start of the next month.

  • Tier 1 – $299 – Up to 5000 Bot Subscribers
  • Tier 2 – $699 – Up to 15000 Bot Subscribers
  • Tier 3 – $999 – Up to 25000 Bot Subscribers

Downgrades can’t be automated at this time because they depend on features being used, and number of subscribers.  If you want to downgrade, please email

No Contracts.  Cancel at any time.

No Risk.  30 Day, Complete Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.


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